Walking for the first time

Well what a day! I finally did it up and out of my chair to test my new legs and how they would fit.....Perfect.  Read more

Korina gets Legs!

So finally after almost 3 years of not walking, today i got my casts taken so that my legs can be built.   Read more

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone we hope you had a fantastic day from all of us at Reaching 4 Korina thank you for your ongoing support in 2017.  Read more

National Amputee Awareness Week!

4-11 October is National Amputee Awareness Week! Please get behind Limbs 4 Life and the great work they do for Amputees.  Read more

Korina in the front seat!

 A huge achievement today Korina managed to transfer from her wheelchair to the front seat of our van. This was no easy feet and we are super proud of her.  Read more

Quad Squad Catch Up

We were recently privileged to meet up with some of the members from Quad Squad in Sydney who have travelled from all over the country. It was such a rewarding experience and we learnt so much. Cant wait to do it all again next year.  Read more

Charity Golf Day

On the 5th of March we held our Golf Day at Highlands Golf Club. After a wet start in typical   Read more

Korina completes Certificate III in Education Support

Despite the challenges she's faced, Korina Valentine looks forward to a future of helping others having finished her Certificate III in Education Support that she started prior to getting Sepsis.   Read more

Reaching 4 Korina Dinner at Mittagong RSL

Another great night was had last night. Sorry if you missed it. A big thank you to everyone who attended and the committee that work tirelessly to put these events together. Also Beetle Magic Band who donated their time to entertain us last night and Oz from Fikri Films for his time videoing the night and Flower Flower Southern Highlands for their donation of beautiful flowers.  Read more

Thanks to Bowral Lions Club and CWA Evening Branch

A big thank you to the Bowral Lions Club for levelling and turfing the remainder of the yard for access and CWA Evening Branch Southern Highlands for providing some plants and trees that have helped finish off our backyard and bring some colour. It will become a great space for our family to enjoy together.  Read more

A trip to Campbelltown Hospital

So here we go again. Only 7 months after her last 10 months in hospitals our little fighter would have her next battle.  Read more

Facial surgeries for Korina

Korina was back to have the first of three facial surgeries today. She is back from recovery and doing really well.  Read more

Electrode training has begun

Very Excited! Today Korina started electrode training so she can get her electronic arms. It will takes quite a few months of training and the manufacturing and fitting but we are on our way.  Read more

Line dancing fundraiser

Big thanks goes Crystal Roberson and to David Hoyn and Kody Dupille for allowing her to raise funds for Reaching 4 Korina at the line dancing celebration. Not only they sell over 2 books of raffle tickets but another $486 was donated. Great thing for everyone to get on board with is a cause known as Super Heroes 4 Kids. Pedro aka Captain America is a founder giving smiles to children in need world wide!  Read more

Korina's new wheelchair

Korina road testing her new wheelchair. Hayden has nicknamed it Bumblebee. A big thank you to everyone that has helped contribute to our fundraising efforts, we are forever grateful.  Read more

A Flat Tyre

What a Day! Today we decided to go shopping. We arrive at Costco and Korina is reversing out of the van and her wheelchair is making a strange sound we notice she has a flat tyre. We both look at each other and laugh.  Read more

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