Korina completes Certificate III in Education Support

Despite the challenges she's faced, Korina Valentine looks forward to a future of helping others having finished her Certificate III in Education Support that she started prior to getting Sepsis.   Read more

Facial surgeries for Korina

Korina was back to have the first of three facial surgeries today. She is back from recovery and doing really well.  Read more

Electrode training has begun

Very Excited! Today Korina started electrode training so she can get her electronic arms. It will takes quite a few months of training and the manufacturing and fitting but we are on our way.  Read more

Korina's new wheelchair

Korina road testing her new wheelchair. Hayden has nicknamed it Bumblebee. A big thank you to everyone that has helped contribute to our fundraising efforts, we are forever grateful.  Read more

New mobility vehicle

On behalf of the Valentine and Roberson families we would like to thank everyone who has supported us. We would like to show off the new mobility vehicle we have been able to purchase due to the outstanding fundraising of the community.  Read more

Korina is coming home

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year we sure did! Hayden got his wish of Mum coming home. Thank you all for your support and we have plenty planned for 2016.  Read more

Our garden transformation

A big thank you to everyone that helped transform our back yard this weekend. We couldn't of done it with out you. Especially Mittagong/Bowral Rotary.  Read more

Korina tried out a wheelchair

On Friday Korina was able to try a wheel chair that practically does everything! She did so well and it only took her minutes to master the controls,we hope to get it back soon.  Read more

We took Korina out for lunch

It's been a long time coming but finally the kids and I could take Korina outside for lunch. To say Hayden was a little excited is an understatement.  Read more

Korina put in a chair for the first time

For the first time yesterday Korina was taken out of her bed and put into a chair. She was then taken out of the burns unit and taken to a large window where she spent the next 1/2 looking over Olympic park.  Read more

Korina has her first bath

After 10 long weeks Korina has finally had her first bath and she's looking and feeling great.  Read more

Tracky removed

Big day for Korina today the Tracky is officially gone! A massive achievement.  Read more

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